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Welcome to World Science Forum 2017 Jordan

Our world is facing challenges that no single nation can solve alone. Borders between states and cultures matter little as we struggle to find sustainable solutions to global issues like energy, food, water and climate change. These challenges to our stability and prosperity are not ideological or cultural. Rather, they are existential and they require innovation and cooperation to save us from a future of conflict and crisis.

World Science Forum 2017 will gather together the scientists and policymakers who can bring real transformation and renewed hope to our world. This vital gathering of change-makers will have its 8th biennial meeting at the Dead Sea, the lowest point on Earth, in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan in November 2017.

It is a very great privilege for Jordan to host the 8th World Science Forum in November, 2017. We are honoured to have the opportunity to work with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, UNESCO and our other partners so that we may welcome science and policy leaders to our nation. We are delighted to be able to show the world what our people and our region have to offer for the development of science and cross-cultural cooperation. Under the banner of ‘Science for Peace’, we hope that WSF 2017 will expand the debate on the power of science to improve lives and broaden mutual understanding and respect.

Science advice and creative ingenuity have never been more urgently in need as our world strives to confront hunger, poverty, disease, an ever-growing demand for energy and the enduring uncertainties of climate change. Science and scientific knowledge enable us to connect and communicate at an uncompromised level, so that honest and open dialogue may flow and real solutions may be developed for these and other challenges, for the benefit of all humanity.

WSF has established itself as the biennial point of reference for all of us who are interested in science policy and the potential of science to improve lives. It’s a forum where truly global challenges may be addressed and global science policies and recommendations may be formulated.

In 2017, our theme of ‘Science for Peace’ celebrates this tradition and takes it to a new level of engagement. Our forum marks a call for the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals, and for the promise of hope and opportunity in the lives of all people in a world where borders must matter little as we struggle to build a better, and inevitably shared future.

We believe that scientists and policymakers, working together, must help to lay the economic foundations for an improved quality of life for the world’s ever-increasing population. Our challenges are borderless, and so must be our mindset.



The almost unique diversity of WSF serves to emphasise the vital role that science must play in creating equality in our world – equality of opportunity and equality of ownership of the benefits of scientific innovation. We look forward to welcoming you to the beautiful Dead Sea in November 2017 so that we can engage and embrace the glorious potential of science.



Sumaya bint El Hassan

President of the Royal Scientific Society

Co-Chair of World Science Forum 2017





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