World Science Forum 2O17 will engage the world of science and redefine the global potential of scientific communities and policymakers to bring real change to our interlinked societies.


Jordan lies at the heart of a region where countless civilisations have had to innovate to survive, where innovative adaptation and cultural exchange have gone hand in hand over many millennia.


The World Science Forum 2017 Team looks forward to welcoming you to Jordan and to hosting you for a special celebration of World Science Day for Peace and Development at the lowest point on Earth in November 2017.


Participants will explore, exchange and discuss over four days in a dramatic setting by the Dead Sea and in a variety of venues and sessions, with ample opportunities for engagement and debate. Displays and exhibitions will highlight and showcase the work of Jordanian scientists, engineers, and researchers.


Session themes include: Energy and Water, Food, Climate Change, the Alleviation of Poverty and Inequality, Cultural  Understanding Between Peoples and the Creation of Wealth and Opportunity Within All Societies.


Speakers and panelists comprise of distinguished and carefully chosen thought leaders from around the world, drawn from science, academia, Government, policy and industry.





Debate: the resource challenges that are in danger of defining our age


Discover: the latest developments in policy and hard science that offer a hopeful alternative to today’s complex and challenged world


Define: a policy agenda that can complement and support Agenda 2O3O


Engage: with old and new networks of scientists and policymakers who share a belief in the power of science


Celebrate: the scientific heritage of the Middle East in a beautiful and inspiring location


Explore: a land where 12,000 years of history have shaped the people and the landscape


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