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Professor Endashaw Wordoffa

Executive Senate Member of Addis Abba University , Senior Professor and Researcher, Addis Ababa University


Prof. Bekele has the capacity for scientific leadership in an academic setting. He has ably served… (more)

Prof. Bekele has the capacity for scientific leadership in an academic setting. He has ably served as a research executive of the university. Earlier on, he has also served as a Dean of an academic faculty. He has interacted with national, regional and global collaborators and partners. He has administered research at Addis Ababa University and coordinated many big research programs interacting and negotiating on behalf of the University and the country at large with major global partners like SIDA-SAREC, NUFU, NORAD, IPGRI and many others. He was doing this while undertaking his own research, advising M.Sc. and PhD students and organizing a high-level, up-to-date genetics laboratory within the Department of Microbial, Cellular and Molecular Biology. During all this time, he demonstrated the highest standard of an academic scholar and an academic administrator giving a very dynamic leadership. During his leadership, Addis Ababa  University has made a great stride forward and many of his colleagues have their highest appreciation and regard for what he did based on  a good scientific leadership quality to rely on which definitely contributed to the success of his plans. He is a man who can generate novel ideas and facilitate research projects of the highest standards in the area of modern biological disciplines. His organizational skill could be seen from the high level coordination role he had at AAU as a facilitator of a complex set of projects from the different faculties, departments and research institutes of the University. Above all, he accomplished these duties with good relations with colleague scholars, local and global institutions. Among others, he has been director and one of the founders of the Institute of Ethiopian Plant Genetic Resources, presently named the Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute; Dean of the Natural Science Faculty of Asmara University; Coordinator of Science education and research of main department of higher education, MoE. Research and publication officer and following this Vice President for research and graduate program of addis Ababa University. Currently he is serving as a national council member of Biotechnology chaired by the Prime Minister of Ethiopia, an executive member of Senate of Addis Ababa University and Board Member of Arsi University. Professor Endashaw Bekele is an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow and has been a member of various professional societies and science academies including the Ethiopian Academy of Sciences, the World Academy of Sciences and the New York Academy of Sciences to mention some among many others. He had a faculty position at Kyoto University and is a fellow of Japanese advancement for Science and a member of the international advisory committee of Kyoto University.