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Dr. Orakanoke Phanraksa

Intellectual Property Consultant, National Science and Technology Development Agency, Thailand and Immediate Past GYA Co-Chair, Global Young Academy


Dr. Phanraksa received Ph.D. degree in laws from the University of Washington, Seattle, in 2005. She… (more)

Dr. Phanraksa received Ph.D. degree in laws from the University of Washington, Seattle, in 2005. She is currently with the Technology Licensing Office, Technology Management Center at the National Science and Technology Development Agency, Pathumthani, Thailand, as a manager of the Intellectual Property Policy group.


She has involved a number of research projects, with a focus on intellectual property management and technology transfer such as the benefit sharing policy from intellectual property commercialization project; the interface between intellectual property and anti-trust laws project; and the access and benefit sharing for biodiversity in research and development institute in Thailand project.


She also serves as the working committee for the University-Business Incubation (UBI) Project and the Technology Licensing Office Promotion Project of the Higher Education Commission; and the Thai Patent Law Amendment of the Department of Intellectual Property, the Ministry of Commerce Thailand.


Recently, she has engaged in a national research project with the National Science, Technology and Innovation Agency to develop a policy framework to promote the role of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in research and development in Thailand.


Promoting Inclusion through Science Education, Outreach and Engagement: No One is Left Behind … (more)

Promoting Inclusion through Science Education, Outreach and Engagement: No One is Left Behind

Orakanoke Phanraksa, Immediate Past GYA Co-Chair (Thailand)

Intellectual Property Policy Specialist, National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA), Thailand


In a general sense, equality in education is not only about an equal opportunity in education but also “the quality education” that students derive. Today, much of educational inequality is mainly attributed to economic disparities that often falls along the economic and social status. At Global Young Academy (GYA), we take this issue in educational inequality very seriously as we foresee the importance of grooming students at very early stages and transform them to be the thinkers of the future.

The GYA is a group of 200 young scientists aged under 40 years old with PhDs from all disciplines from 70 countries. There are three main themed Working Groups (WGs) including the Research Environment, Science and Society, and Science Education and Outreach. With respect to the latter, the Young Science Ambassador Program (YSAP), Science Education for Youth are examples of WGs that gradually create impact on how to bridge the educational inequality gap through science education and outreach. To elaborate more, the YSAP is a program aiming to foster scientific and education interactions between two countries which are at different stages of scientific development, or between two countries that have had minimal scientific contact. Next, the Science Education for Youth is the program with an ultimate goal to engage young people through science cafes and festivals, as well as to educate general citizens with an aim in enabling them to make well-informed decisions and act responsibly. Whist these two aforementioned WGs are designed for school kids, the Smart Villages Initiative (SVI) is an international project the GYA has recently joined to promote the essentials of science and technology in the off-grid area. A number of workshops on education and energy throughout three continents namely Latin America, Africa and Asia were organized to both help better understand and to map clearer pictures of living conditions and education stages in the off-grid area.

There is increasing empirical evidence that only education policies are likely to make substantial and positive contributions to the equality of education. In this talk, I will discuss about a real implementation of an on-going effort in promoting the equality in education in Thailand.