Programme / V. A Nexus and Security of Natural Resources Towards a Peaceful Future

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Day 4

Friday / 10 nov

11:30 - 13:00

Thematic session:
V. A Nexus and Security of Natural Resources Towards a Peaceful Future
Organised by:  UNESCO, ICSU, UNEP, IRP, SCJ and OCSTO
Venue: King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre, Mount Nebo 1&2 - Sea Floor

The way in which society manages and uses natural resources fundamentally shapes the wellbeing of people, the environment, and the economy. With current systems of production and consumption, the ambitious level of social, ecological and economic well-being articulated in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development cannot be achieved. Inequality of access to resources, and the unequal distribution of the negative impacts to people and planet of their use, are at the heart of many conflicts both within and between countries. With a forecast human population of 9.2 billion by 2050 accompanied by continuing world economic growth, scientific minds and policy leaders have the urgent task of helping to transform how we use, and re-use, resources to secure a healthy, prosperous and peaceful future for all.

The session will explore how the science-policy interface and institutional frameworks can be strengthened to stimulate social innovation for a prosperous and peaceful future for all, which allows us to overcome various constraints and trade-offs pertaining to natural resources. This conversation will be all-inclusive, sharing accounts and viewpoints of global players from developing and developed economies.

There is ample evidence for economically attractive resource efficiency, and, cost efficient options exist in the short term in many sectors of the economy that allow for employment and economic growth while reducing resource use and attendant negative environmental and social impacts. Furthermore, these issues should not be dealt with sector by sector, as this approach will often entail serious trade-offs.  Therefore, highest priority must now be given to policies and actions that promote and enable radical decoupling of economic growth from natural resource consumption and environmental impacts, while maximizing health, well-being, and peace for all.  The nexus approach will be useful to apply the latest advancement of science and technology.


The session will bring scientists from various disciplines and policy-makers together in a conversation on how the sustainable management of natural resources based on state-of-the-art but robust scientific evidence and success stories is supporting global delivery of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.


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