Programme / Science Diplomacy to Strengthen Governance and Build Enduring Relationships

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Day 4

Friday / 10 nov

14:30 - 16:00

Plenary session:
Science Diplomacy to Strengthen Governance and Build Enduring Relationships
Venue: King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre, Philadelphia - Ground Floor

While international science cooperation has long served the interests of science, there is increasing interest and focus on the role of science to promote diplomatic interests. These may serve a country’s own direct interests which will depend on a country’s size, geopolitics and state of development – for example, in projecting a country’s reputation and influence, for promoting trade, for attracting scientific expertise and knowhow, and for technology access. Science diplomacy may also be necessary to promote common cross-border interests in areas such as environmental or resource management or in disaster or crisis management. Science diplomacy’s essential role in vital global agendas, as reflected in the Sustainable Development Goals, or in the management of the ungoverned spaces of the planet (such as the polar regions, deep oceans and space) further emphasises how central science diplomacy is to the theme of Science for Peace. This session will explore these different dimensions of science diplomacy and help to establish a framework for fulfilling the goals set by earlier plenary sessions.


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