Programme / Building Resilience in an Interconnected World

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Day 3

Thursday / 9 nov

14:30 - 16:00

Plenary session:
Building Resilience in an Interconnected World
Venue: King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre, Philadelphia - Ground Floor

The appalling and relentless conflict in Syria has tested regional and global resilience to an unforeseen level and has shown trans-border resilience mechanisms to be severely lacking. The Syrian catastrophe has highlighted how borders matter little when entire populations are made desperate by the breakdown of social and political order. How can the science and policy communities work together to build mechanisms to cope with threats to communities and societies in conflict situations or in response to other crises such as emerging infectious diseases and pandemics, or the effects of climate change? This session will examine how resilience mechanisms may be built to support human dignity and emphasise our universal rights and common humanity


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