Programme / II. C Disaster Risk Reduction at Heritage Sites

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Day 2

Wednesday / 8 nov

11:30 - 13:30

Thematic session:
II. C Disaster Risk Reduction at Heritage Sites
Organised by:  UNESCO - Amman Office
Venue: King Hussein Bin Talal Convention Centre, Petra 1- Sea Floor

Heritage sites are often exposed to a number of natural hazards (landslides, flash floods and earthquakes) that represent a threat to the monuments and the visitors. Synergies need then to be created between the protection of cultural assets and the management of natural hazards for the enhanced preservation of the sites and the joint benefit of the visitors and the local communities. In the past years, the Amman Office has been engaging with the Petra Archaeological Park, the Department of Antiquities and Jordan Civil Defence in a long-term strategy aimed at the prevention and mitigation of natural hazards at the World Heritage Site of Petra through a number of initiatives and projects. Thanks to the expertise acquired and the network developed the Amman Office will be able to 1) present the activities undertaken in Petra in cooperation with the national authorities, 2) invite relevant experts in the field of DRR applied to cultural heritage to present best practices from their respective regions. This approach will enable strengthening existing partnerships and building new synergies between Jordan and countries with expertise in the application of Disaster Risk Reduction strategies at cultural heritage sites (e.g. Japan, Switzerland, Italy).


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